Timely User Guide

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How to switch to the Journey Theme

Timely’s Calendar theme system works very similar to WordPress theme system.

Journey is the newest added theme on Timely Plugin calendar and it is available on Extended View add-on.

STEP 1: In order to add the Journey theme to your calendar, after purchasing the extended view add-on, please make sure you navigate to Calendar Themes, select the Journey Theme and activate it.

Journey Theme

STEP 2: After activating the theme, you need to navigate to Theme Options tab and click on ‘Save Options’ even if you do not make any colour modifications.

The Default Vortex calendar theme will work for most users. If you want to make only colour modifications, you can use the Theme Options tab. Click here and the rest should be pretty clear:


The Theme options will only change colors and fonts. For bigger changes, you’ll need to choose a different calendar theme, or create a new calendar theme.

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