Creating and Activating Your Account


Welcome to Timely video tutorials! Today, we’ll guide you through creating and activating your Timely account. Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Create Your Account

To get started, visit our Pricing page. Here you will find the option to create a free account or choose a plan by booking a meeting or requesting a free trial.

Step 2: Activate Your Account

After setting up your subscription plan, it’s time to create and activate your Timely account.

If you’ve chosen the free plan, please fill out the online signup form to create your account. 

For paid plans, our team will create the account for you after payment is confirmed.

Account owners will receive their unique login details via email.

Welcome Email

Next, find and open the welcome email we’ve sent you. 

Activation Process

Follow the provided instructions. Our easy activation process grants immediate access to all of Timely’s features.

Additional Users

Please note, to ensure security, account owners are responsible for adding additional users.

Thanks for joining us on this tutorial. If you have any questions, you can find in-depth information on our Timely help center. Stay tuned for more video guides. Until next time!

Customer Support

Customer support
If you face an issue, and cannot find an answer in our Help Center, feel free to contact Timely Customer Support. Please note that support options are based on your product type and plan.
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