Design Settings

Welcome to the Design Settings Video Tutorials for Timely Event Management Software!

In these videos, we explore the crucial features of managing your calendar’s design settings. Whether you’re new to Timely or an experienced user, these tutorials provide an in-depth guide to personalizing your calendar’s appearance to match your preferences.

From fine-tuning layout options to customizing color schemes, these tutorials empower you to design your calendar experience to suit your unique style.

Timely Customer Support Levels

With a Timely account, you can access all the resources you need to effortlessly publish, promote, manage and monetize events, courses and venues more efficiently.

Not finding what you need? Our dedicated customer support team offers different levels and channels of support depending on your subscription plan.

Free accounts, including WordPress plugin users, are only provided with self-service user documentation and basic video tutorials.

Paid subscriptions offer more options, including extensive support through advanced guides and video tutorials, as well as customer service via email and in-app ticket system.

Enterprise customers, who have purchased enterprise support services, have the benefit of round-the-clock customer care service, provided by an expert team who prioritize their queries for quick responses.

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Do you Need an Extra Help to Implement and Use Timely Software?

Do you Need an Extra Help to Implement and Use Timely Software?

Let our experienced Professional & Managed Event Services team support you and your success!

In addition to our software solutions, we provide an array of services, from implementation to design customization, onboarding and training, SEO, and even on-going event management services.

We’re here to assist you ensuring you make the best use of your Timely software!

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