Limiting Excessive Google Crawls

WordPress Plugin (v.2.6.8 and older + old platform)

On some server configurations, Google's search robot will attempt to crawl every possible variant of the calendar. This can lead to overloaded servers and slow sites.

To limit the number of crawling queries made by Google or another search engine you need to modify the robots.txt file of your site.

You will need FTP access to your site, as there is no other way to edit that file. Also - you need to know the address of the page where your calendar is - usually it is but may vary depending on your settings.

Next - open FTP and navigate to the root folder of your site (that’s the same folder where wp-config.php file is placed). There you will see robots.txt file (if it is not there - create one with the content below). Open it and make sure it contains this content:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /wp-admin/
Disallow: /wp-includes/

There may be more content but you can safely ignore it. If these lines are not present - add them manually. Under these three lines add the following content:

Disallow: /calendar/action~posterboard/
Disallow: /calendar/action~agenda/
Disallow: /calendar/action~oneday/
Disallow: /calendar/action~month/
Disallow: /calendar/action~week/
Disallow: /calendar/action~stream/

​Save the file. This should prevent Google from indexing virtual pages. These pages make it easier for your users to navigate, but does not make sense to be crawled by search engines. And it will not prevent Google from visiting your calendar in general and gathering information about your events.

If you have issues implementing this fix, please contact your host for assistance.

Users of pre-1.11 versions of the plugin

If you are using a version of the plugin older than 1.11 Pro or 1.10 Standard, please note that you must use a colon instead of a tilde:

Disallow: /calendar/action:posterboard/
Disallow: /calendar/action:agenda/
Disallow: /calendar/action:oneday/
Disallow: /calendar/action:month/
Disallow: /calendar/action:week/
Disallow: /calendar/action:stream/

You must also modify the "calendar/" part.  It must also reflect the actual installation path of our calendar.
I.e. if you have configured your calendar to appear under a page, where the slug is "my-events-list", then you must change "calendar/" to "my-events-list/".  Even more, if you use a hierarchical page location, for example "community/events" then "calendar/" in the robots.txt must be changed to "community/events/".

you also need to 
patch your plugin file. In file class-ai1ec-href-helper.php found in wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-event-calendar/lib/routing, replace lines 11 to 22 with:

private $used_paramaters = array(
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WordPress Plugin (v. 2.6.8 and older + old platform)

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