Learn here how to add a new Event to your Public Online Calendar with Timely. 

Basic information

Date and time

Event filter groups

Cost and ticketing options

There are a few options for the cost and tickets of an event.

  1. Enter a description of your event in the text editor.
    According to your plan, the description and other text fields in your calendar will vary in the available text tools for the text box. Some plans will only have the following text tools: bold, italic, align, link, insert image. The higher plans will have formatting tools like numbering, bullets, headings, etc.
  2. You can add a featured image to be displayed in the event.
    If you do not have a featured image, your public calendar will display the category image instead of it, if your event is part of a category having category image, or the timely logo if you did not select one.
  3. Click "Save" to save the event as draft, or click "Save" and check “Publish” to publish your event.

Keep enjoying the best calendaring software for you and your organization!

Sometimes you may want to make changes to multiple events at one time on your booking system, here is how to do so.
1. Click on the check-boxes of the events you wish to bulk edit. You can filter the list by event title, categories, tags, venues, organizers and feeds if you have a lot of events!2. Using "Bulk actions" you can trash the event, and add or remove taxonomies.3. Click Apply

Manage View

Organize which information you will like to use as filters on the "All Events" page and how many events to display per page.

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