EventPromote! Sell products and offer bundles from your calendar.

Step 1.  Connect Stripe

Dashboard > Calendar Settings > Payments >Stripe Payments

If you do not have a stripe account you will have the option to create one when you click "connect to stripe".

2. Create tax Options

Dashboard > Organize > Taxes

You will not see taxes in the Organize section until you have connected your Stripe account.

3. Create Products

Dashboard > EventPromote Products

Featured Event - Highlights an event within the calendar with a border

Featured Slider - Event will be included in the Featured Slider

Custom Product- Create your own product types like social media blasts, newsletter mentions and ad space (please note custom products will not be automatically implemented by the calendar like Featured Event & Featured Slider).


You can select multiple products to create a product bundle.


View your sales history

Pending Sales

View sales that have not been confirmed yet.

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