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With a Timely account, you can set up a Front End Submission Form in the public view of your events calendar, and accept event submissions from your community and local partners. With this feature you can populate your website calendar with events hosted by other organizations effortlessly.

1. Creating a Front End Submission Form

Once you log into your Timely account, click on the "Settings tab" on the left menu on your dashboard. Then, in "General Settings", click on "Event Submission Form". The area will expand and you can click the “Enable event submissions form” to enable the feature.

print screen of the General Settings right panel with Event Submissions Form area not enabled

2. Event Submission Form Set Up Options

Once you have enabled the "Event Submission Form" in "General Settings", you will be able to see the following additional set up options:

print screen of the General Settings right panel with Front End Submission Form area enabled and additional set up options

3. Event Filter Options

The “Filters” option will list all default filters, like Categories, Tags, Venues and Organizers.

print screen of Filters options in the Event Submission Form settings

All filters created by you will also appear on this list. For example there is a Workshops custom field that was created in the Filters menu that will show up in the “Event Submission Form” settings as well.

print screen of a custom filter in the Event Submission Form settings

The default filters have two options:

While the custom filters only have one option: if it is required or not in the form.

In the following image “Category” is a mandatory field (checked as required) and will be marked in red in case the submitter does not select an option from the dropdown menu. Both “Category” and “Tag” don’t have the “NEW” button, so the submitter can’t add his own categories and tags. And “Venue”, “Organizer” have the “NEW” button, so the submitter can add his own venues and organizers. For the last one, “Workshops”, the “NEW” button is always an option.

print screen of customized filter options in the form the final user will see in the Public View

4. Custom Fields for your Event Submission Form

The “Fields” settings let the Calendar Owner add custom fields that will be added to the form in the Public View. A field can be of two types:

To add a new field simply click on the button “Add Field”. Each new field can be customized as text or checkbox.

In the following image there is an example of a text field that asks for the occupation of the submitter and it is not required. The second example is of a checkbox that asks to confirm if the submitter is 21 and it is required. Also you can choose if this field must be shown or hidden in the event details.

print screen of some examples in the Fields area in Event Submission Form settings

The example above will show in the submitter form as text field and checkbox, as it can be seen in the following image:

print screen of the example fields in submission form in the Public View

5. Disclaimer Option

The “Disclaimer” option, if enabled, will allow the user to add a customized disclaimer for the Front End Submission Form. The user can also choose if the submitter has to agree with the disclaimer by clicking the option “Event submitter must agree to the disclaimer before submitting an event”.

print screen of the Disclaimer area in Event Submission Form settings

If enabled, the disclaimer will show up near the end of the form in the Public Image, as shown on the following image:

print screen of the Disclaimer area in submitter form in the Public View

6. Receiving Events Submissions from the Community

When you enable the Event Submission Form option, the public view of your website events calendar will show a new button “+ ADD EVENT” on the top, close to the current date.

print screen of the “+ ADD EVENT” button in the public calendar of events

6.1. Sign up / Sign in Requirement

When someone clicks on the “+ ADD EVENT” button on your website calendar, a popup box will open. For security reasons, event submitters must create an account with Timely to be able to submit events to your calendar.

print screen of the sign up popup where the submitter can create an account to add events to your public calendar

New event submitters will receive an email from us asking them to verify their email address to activate their account.

print screen of the email received by event submitters to verify their email address

If the event submitter already has a Timely account, he or she just needs to sign in to the application.

6.2. Submitting Events through the Front End Submission Form

After successfully signing in, a front end submission form will open in the screen. with the option to add information to the event that will be submitted. Some fields are mandatory and will be highlighted in red in case the information is missing.

print screen of the front end submission form in the public events calendar

Once the event details are filled out and the event submitter press the "Submit Event" button, a "Thank you for your submission" message will appear on the screen, confirming the event was submitted to the events calendar owner.

7. Approving New Event Submitters

When a new user signs up to your events calendar as an event submitter, you will receive a notification by email. You can then login into your Timely account and approve or reject the new event submitter. You can also choose to automatically approve all events submitted by that particular event submitter.

print screen of Timely dashboard to approve or reject a new event submitter

8. Managing your Event Submitters

To manage your event submitters, in your Timely account, click on the "Settings tab", and then the "Submitters tab". There, you will find information about all your submitters, and be able to change properties for each of them, individually.

8.1. List your Event Submitters

You can list your submitters by their statuses. Just click on the desired option, and the list will be filtered accordingly. The list options are:

8.2. Edit your Event Submitters' Information

To edit any event submitter's profile, place the cursor over the selected submitter, and then click on the Edit option.

print screen of the submitters list with the Edit option highlighted

A panel will open on the right side of your screen. You will be able to see the submitter's First Name, Last Name and Email, but cannot change this information. Only the event submitter can change these fields.

The fields you will be able to change are the following:

a) Role / Permissions:

* Be careful when changing permissions because you turn a submitter into an administrator of your calendar, with full permissions.

b) Status

* The pending status is only available when the submitter creates an account using the Public Calendar and you need to decide whether you will approve or reject this submitter.

c) Automatically approve all events from this submitter

* To enable this option, disable the “Automatically approve new events submitted” setting under the Event Submission Form section in general settings.

print screen of the event submitter edit options

8.3 Delete an Event Submitter

To delete a specific event submitter, place the cursor over the selected submitter, then click on the Delete option.

print screen of the submitters list with the Delete option highlighted

A popup will open for you to confirm the decision. Click the Delete button to confirm, or the Cancel button to go back to the list of event submitters.

print screen of the popup to confirm the deletion of a submitter

For more user guidance, please go to our Help Center. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, do not hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, you can open a support ticket from your Timely account’s dashboard.

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