Timely's Calendar allows you to import feeds from both other Timely Calendars and other calendars (Google, iCal, Outlook, etc.).

How do I Import a Non-Timely Calendar?

Calendar programs allow you to export what is called an iCalendar (.ics) file. This file contains event data (like times, dates, location, title, description, and time zone) in a standard format. This lets different calendar systems share information. Once you have obtained an .ics file or URL from a calendar, you will need to add this to your Calendar.

Obtaining an .ics File

Please consult your software's documentation on how to export an .ics file. Here are some examples:

Adding an .ics File

If your .ics is already a URL (which means it starts with "https://" or "webcal://"), you are ready to start. If your calendar has exported the .ics as a file, you will need to upload it to a web host.

Note: It is a good idea to upload it (using FTP or another means) to the server which hosts your WordPress installation. You can upload it to your WordPress /wp-content/uploads folder. Once you have uploaded it, make note of the full URL, such as: https://www.example.com/wp-content/uploads/mycalendar.ics

  1. Go to your Dashboard > Events > Import Feeds. Paste the URL of your .ics file in the Feed URL field.
  2. Choose the Category where you wish to import your event. If you need a new category, create it first using the Dashboard > Events > Organize.
  3. Click Add new subscription. A new box will appear with the feed URL and Refresh and Remove buttons.
  4. Click Update. This will import the events into your Calendar.

Timely Calendars

There are two types of Timely Calendars you may come across. Here is the first.

See Video Here:

  1. Use key words search in browser.. ie. ‘Chicago, Timely Calendar’, or ‘Chicago Art, Timey Calendar’ - play around with various search key words
  2. Take yourself back to their calendar
  3. Filter to what you want (categories & tags) or take them all
  4. Single click ‘subscribe’
  5. Double finger/right click ‘Add to Timely Calendar’
  6. Click ‘Copy Link Address’

7. Go into your website backend.

8. Paste into your ICS feeds

9. Add your categories, click "Show map on imported events" (make sure to have a category image).

If their subscribe button isn’t working

No worries (probably a theme conflict or they need to update their plugins)... but there is an easy workaround.

Normally it is the website url

+ ?plugin = all-in-one-event-calendar&controller = ai1ec_exporter_controller&action = export_events as the ICS address.

If you want to pull in a filter

There is an extra few bits of code.. (but the url has to change - for grillsseafood.com/event-calendar/ the url does not change if you filter so you can't do it here).

Most of the time, the url changes.  If there is a problem with pulling feed from anywhere, ask the venue owner to update their plugins.

If the url changes

Use the same: website url + ?plugin=all-in-one-event-calendar&controller=ai1ec_exporter_controller&action=export_events  + &ai1ec_cat_ids=  (use cat if category search, and tag if tags are used.. and whatever the # is at the end)

The second is the web application

  1. Click on the Save button (top right of the calendar)
  2. From the pop up click on "add to Timely Calendar"
  3. The url will be copied to your clipboard
  4. Paste the url into the import feeds section of your calendar

Google Calendars

See Video Here:

  1. Tips: Create a new Gmail account, log into this account before you start.  Keep your personal events/calendar separate.
  2. Use key words .. ie. ‘Chicago, Google Calendar’, or ‘Chicago Art, Google Calendar’ play around with various search key words
  3. Click on the Google calendar at the bottom/right of page
  4. Click “Yes, Add This Calendar”
    (you should now see it on the bottom/left under ‘Other Calendars)
  5. Go into your Settings on top/right
  6. Click ‘Calendars’ on top/left
  7. Find and click on the calendar you just added on the list on the left
  8. Double click on the green ‘ICAL’ to  “Copy Link Address”  (or just click and copy)
    (in this example it is: Google Calendar Basic ICS
  9. Go into your website backend
  10. Past into your ICS feeds
    Add to your categories, click “Show map on imported feeds’ (make sure to have a category image)

Meetup Groups

See Video Here

  1. Visit Meetup.com
  2. Search for a group
  3. See their calendar (left side bar)
    (not all groups have calendars, and some you have to be a member of to see their calendar)
  4. Double finger/right Click ln the “iCal” button at the very bottom
  5. Click ‘Copy Link Address’
  6. Go into your website backend
  7. Past into your ICS feeds
    Add to your categories, click “Show map on imported feeds’ (make sure to have a category image)

If their subscribe button isn’t working or it isn’t listed.

Normally it is the website calendar url page + events/ical/

For: https://www.meetup.com/The-Toronto-Friends-of-Classical-Music/events/

Use: webcal://www.meetup.com/The-Toronto-Friends-of-Classical-Music/events/ical/

Modern Tribe (WordPress Calendar)

See Video Here

  1. Modern Tribe calendars often look like ours, and has “+ EXPORT MONTH'S EVENTS” at the bottom.  Hub Tip: you can include the “+ export” in your google search for calendars in your city/town.
  2. Single click ‘subscribe’
  3. Double finger/right click ‘Add to Timely Calendar’
  4. Click ‘Copy Link Address’
  5. Go into your website backend
  6. Paste into your ICS feeds
    Add to your categories, click “Show map on imported feeds’ (make sure to have a category image)

If their subscribe button isn’t working

This may work.. but they can only have an export function if they are a Pro paying customer… but try this:

Normally it is the website calendar url page + ?ical=1&tribe

Tip: Modern Tribe typically only exports the current month, however, if you use your calendar url and '?ical=1&all-feed' at the end of your feed- you should get all future events: ie https://www.<your full website & calendar page url>/?ical=1&all-feed

Evanced calendars (popular among libraries)

  1. Start with the URL for the Evanced calendar site (you may need to ask the site owner)
  2. Next, indicate you want the ical feed by adding =ical at the end of the url
  3. You can add &lib= with the library number
  4. If you would like the feed to only include events at your library, add the following to the end of the above URL:
  5. If you wish, you can also add other parameters to further limit the events included within the feed. For example, you could limit the events listed in the calendar by age group, event type, etc.

Eventbrite Events

Unfortunately until Eventbrite & our APIs are talking to each other, you can only pull in events individually into a Google calendar

  1. Search for an Eventbrite event you want (your own search or via www.eventbrite.com)
  2. Open ‘Add to my calendar’ under When & Where (right side)
  3. Click Google Calendar
  4. Follow steps above into pulling Google calendar into your Timely Calendar


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