If you want to change almost any color, navigate to Dashboard > Events > Theme options and select a view or part of the calendar where you want to change the color or font, it is necessary to use the hex color code (#000000) or "transparent" property.

The Theme Options Tab will only change colors. For bigger changes, you'll need to choose a different calendar theme, or create a new calendar theme.

The Timely Calendar uses custom Categories and Tags that are separate from your blog's categories and tags.

Creating Tags

To attach tags to events, go to the “Tags” pane on the right side of the “Add new event” or “Edit event” screen. Type in keywords that describe your event, separated by commas. These tags will function as links within the Calendar so users can search for and filter events effectively.

To choose from the most used tags, click Choose from the most used tags.

To manage your tags, go to Events > Event Tags. Here you can add new or edit your existing tags.

To edit a tag, either click on the tag you would like to edit, or hover over it and click Edit or Quick Edit. When you finish your changes, click Update.

Creating Categories

To manage your categories, go to Events > Event Categories. Here you can add new categories or edit your existing ones.

You can also assign a Category to an event when you're on the "add new event" or "edit event" screen.  You'll notice there is an “Event Categories” pane in the right sidebar. Check the categories that most clearly describe your event. To create a new category, click Add New Category at the bottom of the pane.

Tip: It is best to select the categories that most accurately describe your event. Keep the number of categories small. This is important for the organization of the Calendar and makes it easier for people to find events they’re interested in.

Adding Category Images

To get the most out of your categories,  you can create default category images, that will show up in your events if you do not choose a featured image for your event.

You can customize your event categories by adding a photo. These photos can be used as a default image if you do not have a featured image for the event.

How to add an image

To add an image to your event categories, go to your Dashboard > Events > Event Categories. You can either edit an existing category or you can choose to add a new category altogether.

After selecting add image a new window will popup that will allow you to add a media file from your computer or from a URL.

After you upload your image, select use this image. When you have finished editing your category details, select Save all Changes (or update if it’s already an existing category).

Any events under that category will now show this as a default image.

Image Order

Timely’s All-in-One Event Calendar chooses which image to display based on the following order:

1. Featured Image
2. The first image embedded in the post
3. Category Avatar
4. (For Stream View Only) Calendar Theme's default event avatar

Timely's Calendar theme system works very similar to WordPress theme system.

Journey is the newest added theme on Timely Plugin calendar and it is available on Extended View add-on.

STEP 1: In order to add the Journey theme to your calendar, after purchasing the extended view add-on, please make sure you navigate to Calendar Themes, select the Journey Theme and activate it.

STEP 2: After activating the theme, you need to navigate to Theme Options tab and click on 'Save Options' even if you do not make any colour modifications.

The Default Vortex calendar theme will work for most users. If you want to make only colour modifications, you can use the Theme Options tab. Click here and the rest should be pretty clear:

The Theme options will only change colors and fonts. For bigger changes, you'll need to choose a different calendar theme, or create a new calendar theme.

If you wish to change the calendar slug in the URL, the easiest way is to use a 3rd party plugin called Custom Post Types Permalinks.

More information:

If you wish to change any of the wording on the event page, you can try using a 3rd party plugin called "Say What?":

Say What? - A 3rd party plugin that allows you to alter strings on your site without editing WordPress core, or plugin code. Simply enter the current string, and what you want to replace it with and the plugin will automatically do the rest.

Here's the link: https://en-ca.wordpress.org/plugins/say-what/

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