How to Add Users to your Timely Account

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With a Timely account, you can add users to your events calendar. You can also give them different permissions depending on their roles in your organization. This way it is easier for you to manage and optimize the events that are added to your calendar. Continue reading to learn how to add users to your Timely account.

1. How to Add Users?

To create user accounts, navigate to Settings > Users. Then, click on the green plus button in order to add a new user. It is necessary to enter the name and surname, email address, and specify the user role.

print screen of the add users settings on Timely dashboard

2. What Are the User Roles and Permissions?

The roles have different accesses within the calendar. Available roles are:

  • Owner: Allows access to the whole calendar settings, email notification, plus sensitive account information, such as plan upgrade and billing.
  • Administrator: Allows access to the whole calendar settings, plus can receive email notifications.
  • Editor: Allows to publish and edit all events in the calendar.
  • Author: Allow to publish and edit only their own events.
  • Attendant: Allows to scan QR codes on event tickets.

You can check each role’s permissions on the table below:

Create and edit own eventsYESYESYESYESNO
Create and manage filters and categories for own eventsYESYESYESYESNO
Create RSVP/Tickets for own eventsYESYESYESYESNo
Edit and manage events and filters for othersYESYESYESNONO
Manage users and submittersYESYESNONoNo
Manage RSVP/Tickets and invoicesYESYESNoNONo
Import EventsYESYESNoNoNo
Manage NewslettersYESYESNoNoNo
Manage Social Media SettingsYESYESNoNoNo
Manage Design SettingsYESYESNoNoNo
Manage General SettingsYESYESNoNoNo
List all calendars under the accountYESYESNoNoNo
View and edit billing informationYESNoNoNoNo
Upgrade PlanYESNoNoNoNo

Moreover, In Timely’s system, you have the power to customize and designate the administrators who will receive notifications. This feature allows you to manage and streamline the flow of automated emails generated by the system. Currently, the software sends out automated emails for various events and interactions, such as RSVPs, ticket purchases, cancellations, event submissions, and updates.

Here’s a breakdown of the notification categories:

  • RSVP or Ticket Purchases: Administrators can receive automated notifications when attendees RSVP or purchase tickets for an event. This ensures that the relevant administrators are promptly informed about participant engagement and ticket sales.
  • RSVP or Ticket Cancellations: Notifications are triggered when there are cancellations for RSVPs or ticket purchases. This allows administrators to stay up-to-date on changes in attendance and ticket availability.
  • Event Submission: When someone submits an event, administrators can be notified through automated emails. This is especially valuable for efficiently managing the influx of event submissions.
  • Event Creation and Updates: Automated notifications are sent when a new event is created or when there are updates to existing events. This keeps administrators informed about any changes made to the events in their purview.
print screen of Timely event platform highlighting email notification settings

Please note that the Calendar Owner is able to add new users and assign them their respective roles. However, a Calendar Owner cannot make someone else a Calendar Owner. If you are a Calendar Owner and wants to transfer the account ownership to another person, please contact us.

3. Managing Calendar Users

If you are a Calendar Owner or an Admin User, you can manage other users. To do so, go to your Timely account, click on the Settings menu, and then on the Users tab. If you wish, you can use the filters to list users by their names, email addresses or roles. 

On the list of users, you will find information about all your users and be able to change properties for each of them, individually. The available options are:

  • Edit;
  • Download User Activity Log; and
  • Delete.
print screen of Timely event management platform user management page

4. How Do Users Log in and Access the Calendar?

New Timely users will receive an invitation by email. They will need to create an account with a password, and then login into Timely’s event platform to be able to access the calendar.

Current Timely users will also receive an invitation by email. After logging in with their Timely credentials, current users might need to click on their profile icon on the top right corner to switch between their own calendar(s) and the new calendar they got invited to.

If you need extra user guidance, please go to our Help Center. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, do not hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, you can open a support ticket from your Timely account’s dashboard