How To Import Events from ICS files

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Timely’s Calendar allows you to upload and import events from ICS files from Timely and other calendars to your Journey calendar.

To upload the file go to the dashboard and in the left menu choose Import Events > Upload. In the Upload tab you will see a page with a form where you can choose and upload your file.

print screen of the Timely Calendar Menu with the Upload option marked with a green square around it

 print screen of the upload events from a file tab in Timely Calendar dashboard

What To Look For?

Most calendars that can share their feeds will have a button that says either subscribe, export or share. Look for these keywords.

In the Timely Calendar Public Calendar you can find this option at the end of the events listing. If you click over it you can copy the link to the clipboard. And if you click with the ALT key pressed, you can download the ICS file of that public calendar.

print screen of the Subscribe to ICS (XML) option that you can find in the end of the listing of a Timely public calendar

Download the ICS file to your computer and place it in a folder you can remember, such as Downloads.
 print screen of the download ics file from a Timely Public Calendar in a Downloads folder in Windows 10

Navigate to your Timely Calendar dashboard and choose Import Events > Upload. In the tab you can browse for a file and upload it.
print screen of the Timely Calendar Upload page area where you can add a ICS file for upload

Import Preferences

You can also choose the import preferences so you can decide if you want to keep the original information or add your own information using the Categories and Tags area.

The options are:

  • Import upcoming events only
  • Import events categories
  • Import events tags
  • Import events venue
  • Import events organizer
  • Import events as draft
  • Import events images

 print screen of the import preferences that you can choose before uploading an ICS file


In the dropdown menu select the appropriate time zone for your import.

 print screen of the timezone options dropdown menu

Categories And Tags

When you import an ICS file, you can also add your own categories, tags, organizers, venues and any other custom filter you may have created.

print screen of the Categories and Tags area to choose from when importing a ICS file

Finishing The Upload

To finish importing the ICS file, you must click on the Import button. If you do not wish to import you can click cancel.

print screen of the Import and Cancel buttons at the bottom of the Upload tab in Timely Calendar dashboard

If you want more power over imports, you may want to try a CSV import. To learn how to do that, please refer to import events using a CSV feed instead.

For more user guidance, please go to our Help Center. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, do not hesitate to contact us by opening a support ticket from your Timely account’s dashboard.

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