How to Reject, Edit or Approve Event Submissions

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With a Timely account, you can receive event submissions from your community by setting up an event submission form. In this post, you will learn all the steps to reject, edit or approve event submissions, managing all the events submitted to your Timely events calendar.

1. Viewing New Event Submissions

When an event submitter submits a new event to your Timely events calendar, you will receive an e-mail notification. The purpose of this notification is to inform you about the new user-submitted event, and remind you to reject, edit or approve it.

To see all your event submissions, first you need to login into your Timely account. Then, go to the menu Events, and choose the submenu Submitted.

If you are using the live view mode, you will see your user-submitted events like the image below:

print screen of the dashboard with pending events submitted in the live view mode

If you are using the list view mode, you will see the events like the image below.

print screen of the dashboard with pending user-submitted events in the list view mode

2. Managing User-Submitted Events

To manage user-submitted events, just move the mouse over the event you wish to review.

print screen of the reject and accept buttons on the event listing

Reject Events

To reject a user-submitted event, just click on the Reject button. As a result, the event will be rejected, and will no longer appear on the list of submitted events.

Approve Events

To approve an event without modifications, click on the Accept button. Consequently, the system will automatically publish the event to your events calendar, as submitted.

Edit Events

As another option, you may want to edit the event before approving it. In this case, just click on the event listing, and you will then be able to edit the event post. When you are done editing, click on the Accept button at the end of the event settings page. The submitted event will then be published with your edits.

However, if there is still information missing that you want to add or confirm before publishing the event, you can click on Accept as Draft. The user-submitted event will move from the Submitted list to the Draft list, immediately.

3. Managing Answers to Custom Intake Questionnaire

In case you have created a custom event submission intake questionnaire, submitters will have to answer your custom questions as part of your event submission process. The data collected through this questionnaire will be accessible as a new functionality in the specific event post when seen from your Timely account.

print screen of Timely event management software custom fields functionality

The Custom Fields option allows clients to easily review the submitted details and take necessary actions such as rejecting, editing, or approving the event submissions. Our intuitive interface provides a seamless experience for clients to handle event submissions efficiently and effectively.

4. Automating Event Submission Approvals

Instead of managing each event separately, if you prefer, you can automate the event submission approval process by automatically approving all events submitted by a particular user-submitter. To learn how to do that, please read How to Approve and Manage Event Submitters.

For more user guidance, please go to our Help Center. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, do not hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, you can open a support ticket from your Timely account’s dashboard.