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How to Display Multiple Calendars on Your Site (Shortcodes)

WordPress Plugin (v.2.6.8 and older + old platform)

Timely uses shortcodes so that you can place calendars on other pages besides the default Calendar page. The calendar can be set up to include a specific view and pre-filtered by categories, tags, and so on. Just copy the code below and add it to one of your pages.

The following shortcode attributes are available:

Default view as per settings: [ ai1ec ]
Monthly view: [ ai1ec view="monthly" ]
Weekly view:  [ ai1ec view="weekly" ]
Agenda view: [ ai1ec view="agenda" ]
Posterboard view: [ ai1ec view="posterboard" ]
Stream view: [ ai1ec view="stream" ]
Select a different start date: [ ai1ec exact_date="5-10-2016" ]
Filter by event category name: [ ai1ec cat_name="halloween" ]
Filter by event category names (separate names by comma): [ ai1ec cat_name="Halloween, Thanksgiving Day" ]
Filter by event category ID: [ ai1ec cat_id="1" ]
Filter by event category IDs (separate IDs by commas): [ ai1ec cat_id="1, 2" ]
Filter by event tag name: [ ai1ec tag_name="halloween" ]
Filter by event tag names (separate names by commas): [ ai1ec tag_name="Halloween, Thanksgiving Day" ]
Filter by event tag ID: [ ai1ec tag_id="1" ]
Filter by event tag IDs (separate IDs by commas): [ ai1ec tag_id="1, 2" ]
Filter by post ID: [ ai1ec post_id="1" ]
Filter by post IDs (separate IDs by commas): [ ai1ec post_id="1, 2" ]
Hide filter toolbar: [ ai1ec display_filters="false" ]
Limit number of events per page: [ ai1ec events_limit="5" ]
Select a different start date: [ ai1ec exact_date="5-10-2016" ]

Using the shortcode [ ai1ec_interactive_frontend ] you can place the "Post your event" button that opens the form on any page.

If you are combining attributes, use the following format:

[ ai1ec view="monthly" tag_name="halloween" ]

For more on shortcodes, including how to add them and what they do, visit the WordPress Codex.

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WordPress Plugin (v. 2.6.8 and older + old platform)

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