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The Front End Submission Form

Let your web-site visitors to add events to your calendar -- pending your approval.

How do I Enable This Feature?

In your Timely Dashboard, click on the left menu item "Event Submissions":

Under Anonymous submissions > you can check "Enable anonymous event submissions" to allow for anonymous users to submit events (pending Admin approval).

Otherwise, users are required to create a free account using their email address prior to submitting the form so that:

  1. they can be notified of the approval or rejection
  2. they can sign in and change the event details, if needed, without having to contact the calendar owner to make the changes for them. *

* This also accomodates the Event Promote feature (paid front end submissions) which is turned off, if Anonymous Submissions is turned on (only available on the Hub Calendar).

Switch to the "«Submit Event» Button" tab, then select "Yes" next to "Display native button", then click the "Save" button.

Check to See if the Feature is Working

Navigate to your calendar's front page and look for the green “Submit Event” button on the top right corner of the calendar.

Click on the button to open your Front End Submission form in a model pop-up window. (Note that if you add an event yourself while logged into your calendar, you will be taken to your own dashboard)

Fill out the necessary details of your event, then click on “Submit Event” for approval.

Remember, If you are logged into an account that has permission to post an event on the calendar, your event will be posted automatically. If you do not have permission from the admin (ie. your anonymous web-site visitors), your event will be sent to drafts pending approval.

How do I Know When Someone Submits an Event?

When you are in your dashboard, click on All Events > Pending (there will be a number beside "All Events" and also "Pending" that indicates how many events are pending approval).

Hover your mouse cursor over the submitted event name and you will see the option to Preview, Clone, and Review the submitted event.  Preview allows you to view the event before accepting it.  In the Review screen you can choose to Accept or Reject the submitted event:

Managing Submitted Events

Basically front end submitted events are treated the same as imported events from feeds.  When a user submits an event, they are required to create a Timely account. The submission is stored in their Timely account, and they can then login, make changes, or delete the event.  When you approve a submitted event, it appears under your All Events listing, and also under the Import > Submitted Events tab, where you can edit, refresh, or delete the single event feed.

Set the Front End Submission Notification Email Address:

In the same menu (Event Submissions) enter your email address and click "Save."


Using the widget code, you can place the Front End Submission button on any page.

Having trouble?

If you have any questions, feel free to open a support ticket, by clicking on the Get Help link at the bottom of the left menu in your Timely Dashboard.

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