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Event Promote

EventPromote! Sell products and offer bundles from your calendar.

Step 1.  Connect Stripe

Dashboard > Calendar Settings > Payments >Stripe Payments

If you do not have a stripe account you will have the option to create one when you click "connect to stripe".

  • The default currency is USD, click "Change" to set the currency.

2. Create tax Options

Dashboard > Organize > Taxes

You will not see taxes in the Organize section until you have connected your Stripe account.

3. Create Products

Dashboard > EventPromote Products

  • Add the product Name and Product Description (visitors to your calendar will see this on the front end)
  • Add Product Type, Choose between Featured Event, Featured Slider, Custom Product

Featured Event - Highlights an event within the calendar with a border

Featured Slider - Event will be included in the Featured Slider

Custom Product- Create your own product types like social media blasts, newsletter mentions and ad space (please note custom products will not be automatically implemented by the calendar like Featured Event & Featured Slider).

  • Add in the Price
  • Select Tax & Invoice options
  • Select Status
  • Click Save, and your are ready to sell your products!


You can select multiple products to create a product bundle.

  • Create Bundle Name & Description
  • Add percentage Type and discount (optional)
  • Select the products you would like to include in the bundle
  • select the status
  • click save & sell you bundle!


View your sales history

  • You can export the invoice to pdf
  • You can export the sales report to pdf

Pending Sales

View sales that have not been confirmed yet.

  • Includes a link to review the event in the events pending section of the calendar
  • Clicking on the Pending link shows the details of the event, and the promotion at the bottom of that page, under "Event Purchases":

What the Customer Sees:

  • At the bottom of the Front End Submission form, the Event Promote section appears:
  • The customer can choose one of your promotional products:
  • For "per day" cost promotions, the customer has to add the item to the shopping cart in order to select the days and the number of days for the paid promotion:
  • The "My Cart" section appears. The customer can choose the start and end dates by by clicking on the date field:
  • A calendar will appear for a visual interface to select the desired promotion dates:
  • The total purchase price is updated:
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