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Duplicate Events after Import

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If you have duplicate events from a feed, this could be a sign that you have imported the same ICS feed twice. Please review the full list of Calendar Feeds to see if there are any duplicates.

If you have a duplicate Calendar Feed and duplicate events:

1. Click "Delete" next to the feed to remove it from your system.
2. Select "Delete the events" when you are prompted. This will remove those events from your Calendar. If you do not delete the existing events, they will remain in the Calendar, even though the feed has been deleted.

If you do not have duplicate Calendar Feeds but do have duplicate events, there might be:

- a feed that has events which duplicate those in your Calendar
- a feed that has duplicate events within it

In either case, review the feeds. Search for duplicate event titles within feeds or check if the calendar you are importing contains events you have already posted ,or are the same as events imported from another feed.

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WordPress Plugin (v. 2.6.8 and older + old platform)

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