Timely User Guide

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How to Set Up Your Account General Settings

Begin by clicking on the Calendar Settings Gear Icon

  • Create a “Calendar Name” (this is just for you to identify the calendar).
  • Make sure to set your “Timezone”.
  • Add your “Contact Information”. When you submit an event to other calendars, this is the contact info we provide.
  • Set your “enabled views” These are the views that visitors will be able to toggle through on your calendar
  • Set you “default view” This is the view visitors will see when they initially come to your calendar

Calendar Colors

Select the “Calendar Colors” paintbrush icon

Adjust the colors to match your website.

Calendar Fonts

For the Event Title and Base font type in the font you would like to use and click save (please note we do not have a drop down list so make sure it is spelled correctly).

Or you can paste in the font url

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